Global Networking

The key to success today is in       building a large network

Facebook, My Space, Linkedin      Google and a whole host   of          others including CMG have            proven this to be the case.

Our lives are changing as never     before thanks to the technological age that we are living in, and       there are more changes on the     way each and everyday.

The horse and buggy days have    come to an end. We are now         riding in the clouds down the new super information highway and     those who fail to catch a ride will    be soon left behind. 

The music world is also a part of this massive change with all the  new technologies available today. Those who fail to catch the vision for tomorrow will be left to sing     and writer their songs on the back porches of yesteryear.

If you want to stay p with the times and get ahead of the game.          Cramer Multi Media is the              professional avenue that will take  you there. The choice is yours     and yours alone. You can sit idly    by while others run past you or     you can seek out the assistance    of a group that will take you to       new heights!

Won't you become our next             successful client today! 




We know how important it is for a recording artist to be marketed globally. Our founder and his partners have been or are presently recording artist and songwriters themselves. It is our responsibility to see to it that you become known Internationally. Our team has the experience and backgrounds in media advertising and media promotions to get that job done for all of our clients no matter what their genre' of music may be.

Our founder not only is a recording artist and songwriter himself, but he was a reporter and a managing editor of two newspapers. He was also a DJ for 3 radio stations and a media sales rep for a television network. Presently our company owns or controls the day to day operations of three hundred radio stations. The team has been trained by our founder directly and have educational backgrounds in marketing and public relations.

We market through the Internet, websites, trade magazines, bulk emails, radio advertising, television advertising, promotions, seminars, workshops, retreats and by almost every means available to us. We want you to be a successful because when you are successful then you will spread the word to others and that daisy chain effect will make us all successful!

What does this cost you right? Well you can spend a small fortune and still not get the job done or with our assistance you can plan for success and reach your targeted goals. [Our prices are posted under services.]  Jerry calls it putting together a plan and then working your plan. That is how he has flourished in this music business for fifty one years now.


CMG Media Services


Our Team Is Ready with:


Radio, Television, Video Production
and Promotions, Publications, 

Website Management and

Promotions,  Consulting, Planning,

Press & Public  Relations,
Social Networking and more!


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From the mom & pop small market
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major market stations. CMG is
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Indie Music across the globe.


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